Baggage Handling Decking for Dublin Airport

Viking Airport Equipment supplied decking for efficient loading and unloading of passenger baggage at Dublin Airport in Ireland. The decking solution streamlined the baggage handling process for handling agents.

ULD Handling Industry Leader

The purpose of this project was to provide specialised decking for Unit Load Devices (ULDs) at Dublin Airport, which are used to transport passenger baggage to and from the aircraft. The decking allows for the smooth transfer of passenger baggage from ULDs to cargo dolly units, improving the handling agents’ efficiency. Viking Airport Equipment’s solution was specifically designed with the comfort and ease of the handling agents in mind, allowing for a more convenient and efficient handling process. By incorporating this innovative solution, Dublin Airport is able to provide a seamless and efficient experience for both passengers and handling agents.

The initial enquiry for the project was directed to our head designer, Pete McEwan, who had previously worked on a similar project for Airworld. Unfortunately, Airworld ceased trading and Pete McEwan transitioned to Viking Airport Equipment, bringing his expertise and understanding of the systems with him.

Dealing with disruption

One of the major challenges faced by the Viking team during the project was the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the team from obtaining site measurements and impacted our manufacturing. The team also faced difficulties with transport to Southern Ireland due to cross border checks after the UK left the European Union.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a global shift in how we operate, and this project was no exception. In order to continue the modelling work, new design and communication systems were installed in the homes of the design team. Specialist transport companies were used for transportation and all customer clearance paperwork was carefully managed. DCT was outsourced for the 4D MAP modelling aspect of the project. This had to closely follow the DAA’s requirements, ensuring all equipment fit within a 25mm tolerance and aligned with issued drawings – which DCT did excellently

Our Success

Weekly staged meetings were held with all of the numerous contractors during the installation of the system. These played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the project. We used GD Engineering to complete the system install. GD Engineering were excellent, their regular communication and updates from Dublin kept everyone informed and on track, leading to the successful completion of the system installation. The project was delivered successfully through innovation, teamwork, and adaptation to new circumstances.

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Baggage Handling Decking for Dublin Airport