Specialist Airport Trailers

Viking Airport Equipment specialises in the production of bespoke trailers tailored for industrial use

Bespoke Industrial Trailers

Viking Airport Equipment provides a wide range of trailers for various commercial applications including automotive production lines, FMCG and warehousing. Our trailers can be designed to meet the specific needs of each industry and are built to the highest specifications.

Carriage Trailer

  • 23-Metre-long flatbed Trailer¬†
  • Fully retractable heavy duty PVC cover
  • Designed to assist in the manufacture of railway carriages
cargo handling equipment

Cardboard Disposal Trailer

  • Perfect for heavy duty cardboard collection
  • Designed for factory use in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Manual handling
  • Suitable for forklift trucks
  • Heavy duty braked castor running gear

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