ULD Storage System for Heathrow

Viking Airport Equipment are proud to have designed, manufactured and installed a multi-storey ULD storage system for DHL in London’s Heathrow Airport.
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Trusted ULD Handling Manufacturer

After successfully tendering for a ULD storage system build, Viking Airport Equipment was selected as the trusted partner to construct a system for global logistics company DHL at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). Once the designs for all of the desired parts were agreed upon, our expert installation team got to work in April of 2021, constructing a four storey ULD storage system. All of the framework and decking was manufactured in our factory in Bacup, Lancashire. This included two lifters and two truck docks/scissor lifts. All of the designed and manufactured equipment was then transported from Bacup and installed at Heathrow.

ULD Storage System Construction

Viking Airport Equipment overcame a number of challenges during the project. Building airside at LHR meant that the site was only accessible to the installation team through the DHL warehouse. Furthermore, Viking Airport Equipment had to complete 30 deliveries via lorry on-site. There was only one problem; this would involve driving across the airport – which would prove to be a logistical headache. In order to carry out the project successfully, a qualified contractor with the necessary authorization was sourced to bring the required equipment to the site. It is our ambition to tackle any technical problems and clear any impediments that may arise in order to complete our projects. This was a perfect example of how we had to overcome obstacles and complete the mission successfully.

Our Success

In the run-up to the project’s completion by October 2021, the entire Viking Airport Equipment team were incorporated into the project team during the concluding three months, to guarantee the job was completed in a timely manner and on budget. Our teams were excellent in the design, manufacturing, and construction periods of the project. The quality of a system is determined by the reliability and performance of its components. That is why Viking Airport Equipment prioritises the design, testing, and production of all parts to ensure they meet and exceed the expectations set for them, no matter how demanding the task may be.

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ULD Storage System for Heathrow